Rebecca Strang On December 6, 1997, Saturday Night Live showed aparody commercial for the game of chess. The commercial announces that chess is no longer a game for boys and now features Barbie-like pieces with decorative clothes that smell like strawberries and can be used to play house. The game claims to be “not too hard, […]


Pat Davet A religious analysis of Playdead’s LIMBO by Patrick Davet. LIMBO, a 2010 game by Danish developer Playdead was released on the Xbox Live Arcade, is one of the most successful independent games of all time. What it tells is a disturbing story of a young boy who awakens in a forest at the […]

Ultima IV: Quest for the Avatar, Pt. 1

Pat Davet “The day is warm, yet there is a cooling breeze. The latest in a series of personal crises seems insurmountable. You are being pulled apart in all directions.” So begins Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar, the very first video game to concentrate on religion as a main theme. It explores a theme […]